A minor makeover can improve your home's "wow" appeal, giving it a competitive edge in the Greenville, NC, market.

These small and inexpensive details may allow you to sell your home quickly and for more money.

Curb appeal
First impressions are important, and a potential buyer sees the outside of your home before the inside.
* Clean up your front entrance.
* Scrub down your front door. Paint it or replace it if it looks worn. Add shiny hardware.
* Plant a few flowers to send a subliminal message that the house is loved.

Decor details
* Paint and carpet provide the biggest bang for your buck.
* Remove faded or outdated wallpaper.
* Paint bold walls a neutral color to appeal to the most potential buyers. If walls are already neutral but look dirty, damaged or worn, repaint them.
* Repair, replace or paint worn or damaged woodwork.

Let the light shine

Light, bright rooms give the impression of a happy home -- and everyone wants to move into a happy home.
* Clean windows, inside and out.
* Roll up the shades or blinds. Open the drapes or remove them completely.
* Invest in eco-friendly bright lights.
* Turn on all exterior lights and lamps, chandeliers and pendant lights during evening showings.
* Replace any steamed up double-pane windows or tinted windows.

Make simple repairs
When potential buyers sees things that need fixing, they see dollar signs -- and begin to wonder what else might need work that they can't see.
Check and, if needed, repair:
* Loose knobs;
* Sticking doors and windows;
* Warped cabinet drawers;
* Broken light switches.

Clear clutter
Look critically around your home to determine where you can reduce a cluttered appearance.
* Remove all unnecessary articles from your closets, cabinets, shelves and garage. Closets and cabinets should be no more than 30% full. Spacious rooms and large storage spaces are a great selling feature. Look into renting storage for larger items or boxes of things you aren't ready to part with but don't use every day.
* Box up family pictures, trophies and knickknacks.
* Consider having a garage sale to dispose of unwanted items, or donate clothing and household items to a charity.
* Keep stairways and hallways clear.

Clean It Until It Shines
A clean home gives a potential buyer the impression that your home has been well maintained.
In addition to regular cleaning chores, also:
* Scrub appliances, inside and out.
* Steam clean or replace carpets.
* Remove ashtrays.
* Throw out the trash.

Nice bathrooms sell homes
* Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers.
* Clean any mildew stains.
* Display fresh, clean towels.
* Glue back any peeling wallpaper.
* Remove items from counters.
* Spray a light room fragrance.

Arrange bedrooms neatly
A bedroom should look like a bedroom, not an office, hobby center or gym.
* Remove excess furniture.
* Make the beds with clean, attractive bedspreads.
* Launder curtains.
* Clear off nightstands.
* Hide the laundry hamper.

Don't cause controversy
* Not everyone shares your sense of humor or political views. Remove any signs, posters or art that might be controversial or offensive to prospective buyers.
* Neutralize bold and trendy wall colors.

Organize the utility room and garage

* Make sure there's room to park two cars in a two-car garage. Renting a storage locker is worth the cost if it helps you sell faster for a higher price.
* Hang up bicycles.
* Organize tools.
* Roll up the garden hose.