When a listed home is designated "Certified Pre-Owned," it means that it's been examined top to bottom by a certified inspector and any problems are recognized, remedied or disclosed.

It's a good investment for the seller, and a positive selling point for the buyer.

A pre-market inspection, which is conducted for the seller, is carried out in the same way and is priced in the same way as an inspection conducted for the buyer when an offer has been made to purchase the home.

It's not intended to replace a buyer's inspection.

However, a professional inspection before the home is on the market has a number of advantages for both the potential buyer and the seller.

For the buyer:
* The pre-inspection is paid for by the seller.
* It provides an impartial third-party assessment of the condition of the home.
* It shows transparency on the part of the sellers, affirming that there are no major problems with their home.
* It relieves unfounded suspicions that may cause a buyer to walk away.
* It assures that a prospective buyer isn't wasting time considering a home that may not be a safe place to live.
* When the buyer's inspection is conducted, there are no large surprises that may prolong the negotiations.