Here are some well-tested rules for home showings:

Rule #1: Three's a Crowd
Try to be somewhere other than at home during showings. The goal is to have potential buyesr feel relaxed and not rushed when viewing your home. If you're present, they may not be comfortable looking at details or asking questions. Further, it's the Realtor who knows what the buyers are looking for. They are better able to emphasize those key points if you aren't tagging along.

Rule #2: Keep the music down
Having easy-listening or classical music playing in the background adds to the ambiance of your home, but be sure to keep the volume low so that the Realtor and buyer can talk easily.

Rule #3: No Pets Allowed
Keep all pets, pet beds, litter boxes and feeding dishes out of the way. Move them to the utility room. Deodorize thoroughly.

Rule #4: Pleasant smells are a must
When you walk into your home, sniff. If you detect any unpleasant odors, so will a potential buyer. The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses to attract -- or repel -- potential buyers.
* Get rid of the source of bad odors by making the house super clean and fresh.
* Address pet odors.
* Have carpets cleaned professionally or rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself.
* If drapes smell musty, have them cleaned -- or remove them altogether.
* Empty trash and scrub trashcans.
* Simple scents attract both men and women. Consider lemon, green tea, orange, vanilla or pine scents for sprays, candles or fragrance plug-ins.